Eindhoven Eight

is an investigation into Eindhoven’s contemporary architectural culture through the means of exhibition. Beyond surveying the current state of new architecture in Eindhoven, this exhibition further intends to think differently on the way architecture is exhibited, whilst engaging both architectural insiders and the general public. The exhibition arises from a master’s course within TU Eindhoven, but goes further by shaping itself outside the boundaries of the institution.

The following ‘Eight’ practices are a new breed of architecture studio emerging in Eindhoven: Open Architecture Office, Werkstatt, UArchitects – Emile van Vugt & Misak Terzibasiyan, Atelier to the Bone, Houben/Van Mierlo, Wenink Holtkamp, 12N/Fulco Treffers and Ateliereen Architecten. Influenced by the particular context of a city that is attempting to redefine itself through design and technology, these architectural practices, some with more experience than others, are continuously exploring new ways to create, collaborate, and realize architecture and urbanism. These practices engage with architecture at different scales, at different moments, with different tools, and different goals, inevitably blurring architecture’s traditional boundaries. Combined, their work indicates a recalibration of the idea of architecture, one that is wider and more inclusive, where the problem of context, scale, and detail are inextricably linked to abstraction, communication and orchestration. Whilst the resulting work takes on a wide array of forms, shapes and spaces, it still shares certain material and conceptual affinities suggesting a new breed of productive methods and spatial sensibilities. The exhibition intends to reveal the underlying elements that both connect and distinguish these different practices, effectively defining a new idea of architecture and reconstituting the forefront of the discipline in Eindhoven.

The official opening of the exhibition will be preceded by a series of lectures by the participating architects, with the dual purpose of providing insight into the core content of the exhibition and engaging a broader audience.